What To Do If Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant  Is Approved but No Payday?

Approved but No Payday? Here’s What to Do | SASSA SRD R350 Grant

If you have received approval for the SRD grant but have not yet received your payday, here are a few options to consider (Approved but No Payday).

Approved but No Payday

The banking details provided contain inaccuracies or mistakes.

The first reason is that your banking details may be wrong. Some people may have entered a name that may not be on their bank account. For instance, your bank account name is Alice Cindy McCarthy, but the details you provided in the banking details section when registering for the r350 payment date is Alice McCarthy. This may cause the system to see a mismatch between the name on the bank account and that of your r350 banking details. To solve this problem, match the name on your bank account to that of your r350 banking details information.

You can update or change your banking details here: How do I change my banking details on my Sassa SRD R350?

Reason 2: You have been approved but Sassa has not made the money available to your bank or the post office. If this is the situation for you then there is not much you can do as you will only receive the money when Sassa sends the cash either through bank transfer, cash send, or post office.

Reason 3: Sassa said ‘If you are approved with no pay date it means payment has not been processed as yet, however, payment will be processed soon’. The SRD grant provides beneficiaries with crucial relief. More than 14 million people applied for the SRD grant since it was reintroduced in August 2021. So this means paying out all the applicants each month may have some delays.

Why does Sassa say approved but no payday?

“If your application is approved with no pay date it means payment has not been processed as yet,” announced SASSA. Therefore, beneficiaries are encouraged to be patient and keep an eye on their SASSA profile. Beneficiaries are reminded that there is no fixed payment date for the Special COVID-19 SRD grant.

What does Approved mean on Sassa status? 

If your grant status says ‘June Approved’, it means that your SRD grant application is successful for the june period. SASSA advises clients whose grant applications have been approved to check the payday field for a date when they can collect their money. You will need to wait for an SMS before fetching your money.

What can I do if my SRD grant is approved but no payment?

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has advised beneficiaries of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, who chose the cash send payment method and have no payment dates to provide their banking details on the Sassa website.

Can you get your R350 without a pay date?

Beneficiaries can begin receiving their grants in the system once they have registered and hit the ‘submit’ button. After granting the grant, the system will send an SMS message to the beneficiary who must reply to this SMS. The beneficiary is advised to wait until they receive a confirmation SMS payment before they check into their mobile phone that they have received money, to withdraw it in a bank or at local stores.

Can I collect my r350 when it says approved?
If your application has been approved for Sassa srd grant and you have a payment date, you may collect the funds at your preferred merchants.

How long does it take to get SRD grant after approval?
South Africa Social Security grant payment will take up to two days to reflect in the beneficiary’s bank account.

Why is my status Approved but No Payday?
If your sassa application is approved with no pay date it means payment has not been processed as yet, announced SASSA. Therefore, beneficiaries are encouraged to be patient and keep an eye on their SASSA profile.

How long does it take to get a pay date for Sassa?
Sassa announces that all permanent grants will be paid from the second day of every new month, for individuals collecting their grants at a Post Office branch.

Why has Sassa not paid March grant yet?

South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has announced that it is experiencing technical problems with one of its payment methods. As a result, millions of grant beneficiaries will have to make alternative arrangements to collect their grants this month.

Does SASSA money expire if not withdrawn?
When it comes to SASSA grants, it is important to note that once a recipient has accessed their payments, it can’t be reversed. The system will pick up on those who haven’t yet withdrawn the money and collect their funds at a later stage.

How do I check my SASSA Status for 2023?

Go to srd.sassa.gov.za. Enter your mobile number and click “Send SMS”. You will receive an OTP, enter it to verify your identity. Submit your details, upload documents and submit the application.

How do I check my SASSA R350 balance?

To access your grant, simply dial *120*3210# on your phone. Follow the prompts and make sure to provide the ID number that was e-mailed to you.

How do I check my SASSA account details?

To change your banking details, visit the Sassa website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/ Scroll down to the “How do I change my banking details” heading. Type your ID Number below the heading, then you will receive an SMS notification with a secure link that is unique to you.

How do I know if my r350 grant has been paid?

Access via the SRD SASSA Gov Login

  1. Enter your South African ID number of Applicant.
  2. Enter the phone number you used to submit the application.

How can I Check my SASSA Balance without Airtime

  1. Dial *120*69277# on your phone.
  2. Follow the prompts.

How will I know if my R350 is in my bank account?

If you applied for the R350 grant, you will receive two SMS messages. The first SMS will let you know if your application was approved or declined. The second SMS will ask you to go to a Post Office to collect your R350, because the money is ready for you.

Why is my SASSA money not in?

Sassa has not paid any successful grants applicant so far because some applicants have failed verification checks and some have not provided all the required information.

How much is SRD paying this month?

The Social Relief of Distress amount is R350 per month, from the date it is approved.

Can SASSA check your bank balance?

When you apply for a SASSA grant online, you must provide your bank details. The SRD grant website will then check whether or not your bank account is exceeding the income threshold. The amount of money that is deemed fair is different for each applicant and depends on various factors like age, occupation, and marital status.

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