Department Labour Is Hiring (Grade 10/higher)

10th grade graduation. inexperience.

SKILLS: Oral and written communication, interpersonal relationships, computer skills, time management, conflict management, planning and organization. knowledge Departmental Insurance Policies and Procedures, Civil Service Act and all applicable laws.

EXERCISES: Provision of courier services within the provincial office. Manage logbooks, fuel cards and fuel vouchers for subsidized vehicles.

INQUIRIES: Mr. RSP Geswint tel. : (053) 838 1582

The Deputy Director of Labour Centre Operations is Private Bag X 5012, Kimberley. Kimberley, Pniel & Compound Street, Laboria House, 8301 OR hand supply.

ATTENTION: Deputy Director of HR Management, Kimberley 02 JOBS 07/45: OFFICE ASSISTANT (X2 JOBS)NUMBERSR128 166 per year MIDDLE Labor Office: Upington Ref: HR4/4/8/3 Labor Office: Kuruman Ref: HR 4/4/8/4.

REQUIREMENTS: Standard 8 / Class 10. No business travel required. knowledge cleaning practices, catering, office practices. Skills: Interpersonal relationships. Verbal communication, listening comprehension.

Always ensure a pleasant working environment. Help in the canteen service. Help with the distribution of goods. Help with messaging features.

INQUIRIES: Mr S Ndimande on 82 827 2308 (Upington) Mr Z Gwiliza on 060 989 2368 (Kuruman)

  •  Deputy Director: Labour Centre Operations: Private Bag X 5012, Kimberley, 8301 OR hand supply at Laboria House, c/o Pniel & Compound Street, Kimberley.


  •  Sub-directorate: Deputy Director: Human Resources Management.


 Instruction: Applications quoting the relevant reference number must be submitted on the new 

 Z83 application form


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