Appointing a Procurator for Family Members Unable to Collect Grants: Assisting Elderly and Frail Individuals in South Africa

Do you know that you can appoint a procurator for your family member who is unable to collect the trans for themselves?

The same services are also offered at Post Office.


Do you have an elderly or frail family member who has trouble getting
their monthly grant from merchants or other payment methods? Then
you need a Procurator! A procurator is someone who collects a grant
on behalf of someone else who is unable to collect on their own.

The Appointment Process

The procurator must be duly appointed by the beneficiary.
Through an affidavit, it is their responsibility to ensure that all
facts stated are correct and that all monies collected are given
to the beneficiary. The procurator can submit an application on
behalf of the beneficiary, they are unable to get to the SASSA
local office themselves.

Requirements: Who can be a Procurator?

✔ At least 18 years old or older
✔ Permanently resident in South Africa
✔ Not an un-rehabilitated insolvent
✔ Willing to be appointed as the beneficiary’s procurator
✔ Has a valid 13-digit South African Identity document
✔ Alife certificate for the beneficiary
✔The beneficiary is not in debt to the procurator
✔ The procurator may not act on behalf of more than five
✔ Provide an Affidavit
✔ Both the Identity Document of the beneficiary and the
appointee to be submitted
✔ Request a SASSA Official to assist in capturing your
appointee as procurator


Toll free: 0800 60 10 11

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